ECS Opera mini 8 Pc

A fast mini browser for PC users


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  • Category Web browsers
  • Program license Free (ads)
  • Version 0.4
  • Size 711 KB
  • Works under: Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2003 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows 95
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Electrocomputerscience

Ever wished you could blaze down the net at lightning speeds? With ECS Opera Mini 8 PC, you have an anonymous proxy browser that lets you save time and money. The software compresses your data as you surf the internet, and that lets you save on your bandwidth. Using the content and bookmarks, you can save and download the information. You have full functionality with this browser, and it includes system files and other important things.

ECS Opera Mini 8 PC also has over 1700 available extensions, and you can mix and match the different features that will let you customize your browser how you want it. This browser gives you greater safety and faster speeds than ever before, and you have new ways that you can discover content on the internet. Opera uses an intuitive but elegant interface that has cross-platform compatibility from Linux to the Windows to the Mac. Let's say you have a slow and congested Wi-Fi connection. Taking advantage of the Opera Turbo feature, you will have access to faster speeds than ever before. Not to mention, Opera has visual bookmarks that you will not find with any of the other browsers.

After the new version has been made available, you will have updates that ensure security because of improvements and the latest features. This isn't just about cool features either. You have more content, more information and more communication than ever before, and this is delivered to millions of people around the globe.

The software also features a speed dial. While Firefox has a pseudo speed dial that is an add-on, it's really awkward. Meanwhile, Opera's speed dial has easy navigation and an intuitive feel. It does what every good browser might do, and you have technical support that stands behind you if you have a question or experience a problem.

For all its benefits, the biggest con that you will find with Opera is how some of the websites do not accept don't accept it, but that is not the software's fault because the website doesn't accept it. Another complaint is there are more cyber exploits with this browser. Opera also works good with Windows 10, and you also receive a built-in VPN. In addition, you have automatic power saver mode that extends the battery life on your laptop.

Unlike Firefox, ECS Opera Mini 8 lacks the same customization features that made it popular. Also, please note that if you see version 36 of Opera, this is the last version you want to download for Windows XP. This is because version 36 is not compatible with XP. Outside that, you have a fast browser that will save you a lot more battery when compared to battery hogs like Google Chrome.


  • Lightning Fast Speeds
  • Lets You Save Bandwidth Space
  • Over 1700 Extensions
  • Saves on Battery Life


  • Doesn't Work with Some Websites
  • Lacks the Same Customization Features of Firefox
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